Minggu, 13 Mei 2012

Yamaha Mixer MG124CX

Yamaha Mixer MG124 CX Harga 
Resmi MG124 CX Rp 2,950,000,- Harga Pembelian secara Cash Nett Rp 2,360,000,- 
Harga Kredit Rp 2,507,000,- ·               

  • 12Bln : 255,000 ·          
  • 18Bln : 184,000 ·          
  • 24Bln : 149,000
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Spesifikasi : 
Extended Capacity and Versatility for Studio or Stage  High-performance utility mixers. The DSP-equipped CX versions feature SPX-quality effects built in.  The new mid-range MG series mixers offer refined looks and features in a lighter, smaller package. The MG124C and MG124CX fall comfortably in the middle of the MG mixer lineup, and deliver sound quality and advanced features such as channel compression that are unrivalled in this class. You can choose either model with confidence for a wide range of amateur or professional applications: the MG124C if you don't need effects or already have effect gear you want to use, or the MG124CX if you want the sonic and space-saving advantages of high-performance SPX digital

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